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Enabling liver care for children through successful collaborations with stakeholders in the liver transplant ecosystem



Successful Liver Transplants

Bhuvan Tyada Has Fully Recovered

TPAF has stood by Bhuvan’s family to support his liver transplant.

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John Kyrie Barretto

Learn how TPAF enabled a then 1-year oldJohn to win the battle against liver failure.

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Tashvi Shetty is All Smiles After a Liver Transplant

Learn how Tashvi Shetty fought back; thanks to help from TPAF for a liver transplant.

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Mithulashree Reddy Has Staged a Brave Comeback

Meet Mithulashree Reddy who was only 2 years of age when she had a liver transplant.

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Pradani Srinivas Has Successfully Overcome a Liver Condition

Learn how TPAF rekindled hope for Chetan’s parents by supporting his liver transplant.

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Sreesanth Has Undergone Liver Transplant

Learn how TPAF supported young Sreesanth’s parents for his liver transplant.

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At the Age of 16 Years Faisal Has Won the Battle against Liver Damage

TPAF has enabled Faisal’s parents to receive financial aid for her liver transplant.

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Samadhan Lankeshwar Has Recovered from Liver Damage

TPAF has supported Samadhan to receive funds for a liver transplant.

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Aryan Mishra is Healthy Now

Know how TPAF supported then 14-year old Aryan’s parents to procure financial aid for liver ...

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Veerabhadra Has Scripted a Comeback

Explore the liver transplant story of a then 4-month old Veerbhadra

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Successful Campaign

We Make Liver Care Possible

We Have Demonstrated Leadership in Providing Solutions for Liver Care By enabling Liver Transplants at a fixed Cost of INR 2.5 Lakhs to the patient

Since our inception in the year 2016 we have enabled parents of children affected by terminal liver diseases overcome challenges to the procurement of financial aid with our innovative technology driven crowdfunding model. In collaboration with our institutional and crowdfunding partners, we have successfully raised funds required for liver transplants and given children a new lease of life.