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TPAF welcomes you to embark on a transformative impact journey to illuminate lives, exemplifying the positive change that is possible when corporate expertise meets community heart.

TPAF has internalized a good governance structure ranging from a well-defined vision & mission, routine audits, systems for decision making to transparent flow of information for its effective functioning, growth and sustainability.

Corporate Partnerships

Collaborating with us as a corporate partner is a good opportunity to align your company’s values with a noble cause. By joining forces, we can create a meaningful impact on children in need of life saving liver transplant. Your corporate support enables us to support children from our wide-reaching network, allowing us and the partner to make a substantial difference in the fight against liver diseases in children.

Together, we can raise awareness and provide essential assistance to children and their families.

Individual Partnership

Collaborating with us as an individual partner offers you the chance to combine with our strengths and resources for a shared cause. Together, we can have a greater impact on children who require liver transplant to save their lives. With your cooperation, we can provide the much needed support to the children and their families.

Volunteer and Internship

Work with us as a volunteer or an intern, TPAF offers unique opportunities to make a profound impact in lives of children suffering from Liver diseases. By joining our foundation, you will be part of a vital effort to preserve lives and assist children in need of liver transplants. This experience will not only enrich your knowledge and skills but also allow you to be part of a compassionate community which is actively changing these children’s lives.

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