AN Affordable Liver Transplant Initiative

Ensuring Quality Liver Care For Every Child

Making Liver Care More inclusive

TPAF Process

Process of Onboarding of a New Hospital for fund support

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TPAF email- or helpline- +91-7768853030 to be contacted by the Hospital with a request to empanel with us.

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TPAF representative will share a Hospital Onboarding form with the Hospital.

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TPAF will receive and review Hospital Onboarding form, cost estimate of the Pediatric Liver Transplant and Hospital’s available historical data on liver transplant surgeries performed and their outcomes.

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TPAF will connect with the Hospital to inform the status of empanelment and further process of application for funds.

Process of fund approval


TPAF to be contacted by the empaneled Hospital as and when a needy child requires a Liver transplant, to share the Patient Application Form along with supporting documents.


TPAF will review the application and details of financial due diligence shared by the hospital.


TPAF will connect with Hospital to inform the status of fund approval and further management.

Process of fund disbursement


TPAF will receive the fund disbursement request along with a set of predefined documents from the Hospital after the liver transplant is completed and patient is discharged.


TPAF will review the request and process the transfer of funds directly to the Hospital.


TPAF to be issued with an acknowledgment letter/receipt from the Hospital for the funds donated for the particular child.