About the Organisation

The Pravin Agrawal Foundation (TPAF), founded by Mr Pravin Agrawal in 2016 with the mission to support families whose children are in need of a liver transplant in India. At the time of the inception, the foundation had supported 13 transplants; till date (Year 2021), the foundation's support has reached to more than 250 transplants and still counting. We collaborate with surgeons, hospitals and crowdfunding sites to provide support to children in need of liver transplant.


Enabling Access to Liver Care


A healthy liver is essential to the longevity of human life. Liver transplant becomes necessary if the child is either born with a genetic disease (such as Biliary Atresia) or develops a metabolic disorder (such as Wilson’s disease) when the liver does not function properly or is affected by an infectious disease (such as Hepatitis). TPAF is committed to families of children in need of a liver transplant by providing financial assistance and engaging with diverse stakeholders to reform the liver care ecosystem in India.


Financial Assistance

We provide seed funding, run crowd funding campaigns and provide gap funding; independently or concurrently with partners to arrange financial aid.


Ecosystem Change

We engage with liver transplant centers, pediatricians, health workers, transplant coordinators, hepatologists and liver surgeons to rationalise liver transplant costs.


Long-Term Support

Our support extends beyond the operative phase and we aim to provide long-term support to our beneficiaries.


Current Campaigns

Aarav is suffering from an end-stage liver disease called Liver Cirrhosis

Little Aarav is living on borrowed time as with each passing day his health complications keep ...

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Ganesh needs an urgent Liver transplant

His eyes and skin turned yellow and his stomach, which was swelling, hardened like a rock.

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Deepak Taank needs an urgent liver transplant.

Deepak’s condition by now had deteriorated to the point where he was coughing up blood ...

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Pritish Kumar Jha Is Suffering From Chronic Liver Disease. We Need Your Help For His Treatment

Pritish Kumar Jha is suffering from Chronic Liver Disease and is undergoing treatment at Apollo ...

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Your Contribution Can Give Usman Ahmed A Second Chance At Life

Usman had to be rushed to the hospital where the doctors informed the family that he was ...

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Parinitha is suffering from Itchiness, Yellow Eyes and Swelling Belly

Parinitha no longer laughs as much as she used to. Her liver has been failing her day by day, ...

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Harshitha Needs Your Help Fight Hepatoblastoma

She is suffering from Hepatoblastoma for the past few days. She is currently admitted and ...

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Know About

The Pravin Agarwal Foundation

NGO dedicated to making pediatric liver care affordable, available and accessible for all.

A leading non-government organization, we are dedicated to enabling children suffering from terminal liver diseases and their families get access to high quality liver care. We enable families of children in need of liver transplant get access to denote procuring financial aid for a liver transplant. We do this by running campaigns on crowdfunding platforms, creating awareness on government schemes available for liver transplants and engaging with liver transplant center administrators, liver surgeons, and hepatologists.

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funds leveraged


5 Cr+

funds directly contributed



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dedicated conclaves for PLT ecosystem


May’21 Newsletter

TPAF Newsletter May’21

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Dr.Prathap C Reddy Philanthropy Award, 2021

Mr. Pravin Agarwal receives Dr.PrathapC Reddy Philanthropy Awardat Global Physicians Congress organised by GAPIO.