18th October / 2pm to 4.30pm


The wait is finally over! We are back with Asia's biggest liver transplant conclave where the best minds in the field of paediatric liver transplant come together to share insights, discuss possible challenges and successful outcomes to make paediatric liver transplant affordable and accessible to one and all.

In the past two years, a lot has changed in healthcare management. COVID-19 has affected almost all areas of medical sciences and forced doctors and healthcare teams to adapt to new practices and challenges overnight. The pressure was tremendous, but doctors did the unthinkable - they came up with innovative ways to provide care and treat their patients amidst the global crisis.


Keeping in mind the COVID-19 crisis and the ways in which the medical world evolved, Affordable Liver Transplants Conclave 2021, in its 4th edition, brings to you - 'Current Developments in Paediatric Liver Transplantations (PLTs),' to be held as a webinar on 18th October 2021 from 2pm to 4.30pm.

The conclave aims to explore the latest developments in the field of PLTs with respect to COVID-19 and initiate a dialogue on improving donor pool, screening for liver disease in children and promoting wellness amongst transplant patients and their families.

ALTC 2021: Tackling new challenges, securing the future of PLTs

Great things happen when great minds sit together to talk and discuss solutions . We bring together experts from a myriad of fields who are pivotal to the transplant ecosystem – paediatricians, hepatologists, liver surgeons, transplant coordinators, healthcare workers, fundraising organizations and NGOs – from across the globe to discuss ways to make paediatric liver transplants affordable and accessible while also discussing the latest developments made in the wake of COVID-19 challenge


Management of COVID-19 in children with
liver diseases and liver transplant

Topic of Discussion

  • Management of COVID-19 in children with liver disease and post-transplant
  • Strategies to handle large scale COVID-19 complications in children with co-morbidities
  • Current data from India on use of organs from donors who have had COVID-19


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    Dr. Neelam Mohan

    Director Department of Pedatric
    Gastroenterology, Hepatology &
    Liver Transplantation
    Medanata - The Medicity Hospital Gurgaon

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    Dr. Anurag Shrimal

    Lead Consultanat - Pancreas and
    Paediatric Liver Transplantation,
    Consultant - HPB Liver & Pancreas
    Transplant Surgery, Global Hospital,

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    Dr. Naresh Shanmugam

    Director - Women & Child Health,
    Senior Consultant & Clinical Lead,
    Paediatric Liver & Gastroentreology,
    Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre

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    Dr. Sudhindram S

    Clinical Professor and Chief
    Transplant Surgeon, Department of
    Gastrointestinal & Solid Organ
    Transplantation, Amrita
    Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

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Exploring new techniques to overcome donor shortage for PLTs

Topic of Discussion

  • Stratigies and Policies : Expanding the donor pool for children
  • Use of machine perfusion, its indicators and factors affecting its success
  • Feasibility of using organs after cardiac deaths and from older donors for PLTs


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    Dr. Sonal Asthana

    Senior Consultant, Department of
    Hepatobiliary Surgery and Multi-Organ
    Transplantation, Aster CMI Hospital,

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    Dr. Vivek Vij

    Founder & Chairman, Liver
    Transplant, Hepato-Pancreato -
    Biliary Surgery, Fortis Healthcare
    Limited (Group Level)

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    Dr. Hynek Mergental

    Consultant Surgeon Liver
    Unit Queen Elizabeth Hospital
    and honorary Senior Lecturer at the
    University of Birmingham, UK

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    Dr. Prashant Bhangui

    Associate Director Hepatobiliary
    Surgery and Liver Transplantation
    Surgery, Medanta-The Medicity
    Hospital, Gurgaon

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Promotion of wellness among PLT patients and their families

Topic of Discussion

  • Long term medical care of paediatric transplant patient
  • Best diet and nutrition practices to be followed Post-Transplant
  • Role of support groups – Managing the need of patients and careers


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    Mr. Ayan Chatterjee

    Honorary Strategic
    Advisor for TPAF

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    Dr. Smita Malhotra

    Consultant, Paediatric
    Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals,
    New Delhi

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    Ms Sreemathy Venkatraman

    Chief Clinical Dietitian, BRAINS
    Hospital,Bangalore, National Office
    Bearer- Central committee-IAPEN-
    INDIA, Executive Director- Dysphagia INDIA

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    Ms. Jaya Jairam

    Project Director, MOHAN
    Foundation, Mumbai

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special talk

talk 1

Impact of a mandatory split
liver policy in Italy

Dr. Roberta Angelico

MD, PhD, FEBS, HPB and Transplant Unit,
Department of Surgery, University of Rome
Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy

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talk 2

Setting up a screening program for paediatric liver disease

Dr. Anil B Jalan

MD DCH MCPS, Director and Chief Scientific
Research Officer NIRMAN (Navi Mumbai Institute
of Research In Mental And Neurological Handicap)
Metabolic Clinic, Navi Mumbai

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