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October 25,2023
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Vendant Joshi- A Remarkable Recovery

Wilson’s disease and Life-Saving Liver Transplant Made Possible by The Pravin Agarwal Foundation Support: Vedant Joshi

This blog highlights the inspiring journey of a child diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, a rare genetic disorder affecting copper metabolism, and how his life was saved through a liver transplant. The financial support provided by NGOs played a vital role in making this life-saving procedure possible. This case serves as a testament to the immense impact of NGO assistance in improving the lives of individuals facing critical health challenges.

About the Disease

Wilson’s disease is a genetic disorder characterized by the body’s inability to eliminate excess copper, leading to its accumulation in vital organs, particularly the liver. Left untreated, Wilson’s disease can cause severe liver damage and even be fatal. Wilson disease is caused by variants (also known as mutations) in the ATP7B gene. This gene provides instructions for making a protein called copper-transporting ATPase 2, which plays a role in the transport of copper from the liver to other parts of the body.

This blog presents a case study of a child who battled Wilson’s disease and ultimately found renewed hope through a liver transplant facilitated by the financial support of The Pravin Agarwal Foundation.


The Brave Boy

The patient, Vedant, a 6 year-old boy, was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease after experiencing unexplained fatigue, jaundice, and neurological symptoms.

Some of his early symptoms included:

  • Yellow eyes
  • Jaundice
  • Yellowing of the skin
  • Stomach ache

Vedant’s condition rapidly deteriorated, necessitating urgent medical intervention to prevent further damage to his liver and overall health. He had to undergo continuous medications and plasma therapy for almost two months before the transplant.

Vedant’s parents, Ganesh and Vrushali, were devastated when their son received this daunting diagnosis. The family was told that a liver transplant was Vedant’s only hope for survival. However, the estimated financial burden of 15 Lakhs seemed insurmountable for this humble family.  With all the travel and living arrangements to be made, considering they lived 350 kilometers away in Parli, everything was turning into a source of stress.

The family embarked on a tireless quest to find a suitable liver donor for Vedant. They wanted to identify potential donors and ensure that Vedant received the best possible care.  A suitable liver donor was found, and Mrs. Vrushali, the mother, was found to be fit as a donor. The family was under pressure and stress as the two most important people in their life were going to undergo an operation.  It was a tough time for Mr. Ganesh and his Family.


Upon learning of Vedant’s critical condition, The Pravin Agarwal Foundation, specializing in providing financial support to enable access to liver care, sprang into action. Recognizing the urgent need for a liver transplant, a fundraising campaign to secure the financial resources required for Vedant’s treatment was started.

Understanding the emotional toll on Vedant and his family, the hospital support team, led by Mr. Sagar Kakad, provided essential psychological support throughout the journey. They dedicated themselves to acting as a compassionate liaison, offering guidance, counselling, and emotional support to Vedant and his family during every step of the process. They provided them with all possible help, even to this day.


The Liver Transplant

Vedant underwent a lifesaving liver transplant on May 21st, 2023. The procedure was successful, and Vedant embarked on the path to recovery with ongoing support from the NGOs.


Remarkable Recovery and Outlook

Today, Vedant’s health has significantly improved, and he has regained his vitality and zest for life. The timely intervention and financial support from the The Pravin Agarwal Foundation and other NGOs not only saved Vedant’s life but also gave him the opportunity to enjoy a childhood free from the limitations imposed by Wilson’s disease.


The successful recovery of Vedant from Wilson’s disease, made possible by the financial support and assistance provided by NGOs, serves as a testament to the incredible impact of their work. Through their collective efforts, these organizations have given hope to families facing overwhelming medical challenges. This case study underscores the crucial role NGOs play in facilitating life-saving interventions, offering a ray of hope and the promise of a brighter future for individuals like Vedant.

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