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October 25,2023
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Kaivalya Mayane- A Remarkable Journey of Hope

TPAF Funding for Liver Transplant Saves the Life of a 4-Year-Old Boy with Acute Chronic Liver Failure: Kaivalya Mayane

This blog sheds light on the exceptional incident of liver transplant for a 4-year-old boy named Kaivalya Mayane, who was diagnosed with acute chronic liver failure. The inspiring journey showcases the remarkable transformation in Kaivalya’s well-being after the successful transplant, as well as the significant impact of financial assistance and medical support provided by organizations including TPAF.


Kaivalya’s life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with acute chronic liver failure at a tender age. His condition was rapidly deteriorating, leaving his family in a state of anguish and despair. The urgent need for a liver transplant became apparent, but the financial burden associated with the procedure seemed insurmountable for his modest family.

Acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) is clinically and patho-physiologically distinct syndrome that carries a high short-term mortality rate. It diagnosed in patients with acute decompensation of liver cirrhosis accompanied by organ failure.

Kaivalya’s parents, Kiran and Sonali, were devastated when their precious son received this daunting diagnosis. The financial burden estimated to 18 lakhs is like insurmountable obstacles for this humble family. As they lived 40 kilometers away in Talegoan, making travel and living arrangements added to their already overwhelming stress.


He was admitted in KEM Hospital Pune under Dr. Shashank Shrotriya, Dr. Anirudh Bhosale and Dr. Snehvardhan Pandey for 42 days. The family was provided with all the emotional help and financial support under the Counselor Mr. Pratik Deshmukh.

Kaivalya’s story reached the compassionate ears of TPAF dedicated to Enabling Access to Liver Care. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, TPAF sprang into action to secure the necessary funds for Kaivalya’s liver transplant and provide vital follow-ups throughout the entire process.

A comprehensive fundraising campaign to generate the required financial resources for Kaivalya’s transplant was initiated. Through tireless efforts and the generosity of the community, substantial funds were raised for the transplant.

The family worked closely with renowned medical institutions, liver transplant centers, and specialists to ensure Kaivalya’s successful treatment. They embarked on a tireless quest to find a suitable liver donor for Kaivalya, wanting to identify potential donors and ensure that he received the best possible care. A suitable liver donor was found, and Mr. Kiran, the father, was found to be fit as a donor. The family was under immense pressure and stress as two of the most important people in their life were going to undergo an operation, one of whom is the primary breadwinner. It was a challenging time for Mrs. Sonali.

Recognizing the emotional toll on Kaivalya and his family, the hospital staff offered invaluable emotional support throughout their journey. They provided a dedicated caseworker, who acted as a compassionate, advocate, offering guidance, reassurance, and a listening ear.


After extensive efforts, Kaivalya underwent a life-saving liver transplant on the 14th June, 2021. The surgery was successful, and Kaivalya began his road to recovery under the watchful eyes of medical professionals. Months after the transplant, Kaivalya’s health improved significantly. He regained his strength, and the color returned to his cheeks. His energy and enthusiasm for life were palpable as he resumed his favorite activities, such as playing with friends and being notorious.

The case of Kaivalya illustrates the indispensable role humanity plays in transforming the lives of individuals facing critical health challenges. Kaivalya’s journey serves as a testament to the power of collective efforts and the profound impact NGOs can have on the lives of those in need, offering hope, healing, and a chance at a brighter future.

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