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Healthy Foods for the Liver
October 21,2019
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Does Your Meal Comprise of These Healthy Foods for the Liver?

The liver is known to perform a range of tasks necessary to keep the body in top shape. Some of the critical activities performed by the organ include:

  • breaking down carbs
  • controlling the amount of glucose circulating in the blood
  • producing bile to help digest fats and fat-soluble vitamins
  • helping in excretion of waste products including bilirubin

With more than 500 functions performed by the liver, it is certainly an organ you cannot take lightly. Looking at its immense role in body functions, it is essential to take care of the organ well.

Signs that your liver is not working properly

A liver function test may be needed in case you see the below symptoms.

  1. Bloating

Bloating is typically just a minor irritation. However, if it persists, then it may point to a red flag. It can also depict the presence of a liver disease that needs immediate checkups and treatment.

  1. Dark Urine

The dark shade is due to the excess bilirubin being excreted by the liver. John Hopkins University says that this may be a sign of blockage of bile ducts or scarring of liver cells.

  1. Poor Appetite

Loss of appetite can also point to the first stage of liver failure. This should prompt you to carry out tests to verify the diagnosis. With this diagnosis, the physician can start a suitable line of treatment for the same.

Role of food in liver health

A poorly performing liver can raise other issues like liver disorders. Though we cannot control all factors around liver health, we can certainly control the kind of food that we consume. Some foods are really good at promoting liver health, while others are to be strictly avoided.

A dedicated adherence to a wholesome diet will not only keep you healthy from outside but also protect the liver’s health. This will prevent serious conditions like cirrhosis or liver damage that may necessitate the need for a liver transplant.

Interested to explore these different types of foods that promote liver health? Then read on and be informed.

Food to Eat

  • Turmeric – Sprinkle a pinch of turmeric over your food and see its beneficial impact on the liver. The abundance of antioxidants will help repair liver cells. Turmeric is also known to stimulate bile production in the liver.
  • Vegetable Proteins – As compared to animal protein, veggie proteins contain an extensively low amount of ‘bad fats’. This alleviates risks of inflammation and keeps the liver running in top shape.
  • Coffee – It is good for your liver because it prevents fat buildup. The daily intake of coffee may help to decrease the risk of chronic liver diseases.
  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal is rich in dietary fibers. This not only helps in digestion, but some specific fibers also help promote overall liver health.
  • Garlic – Consuming garlic can be helpful in losing weight. It can also help a person to energize his/ her liver in a healthy manner.
  • Grapes – The intake of grapes, grape seeds and grape juice can help a person to prevent liver damage. Grape seed can also provide ample antioxidants to the body.
  • Plant Foods – Plant foods such as carrot, broccoli, banana, beet, barley can also be eaten to keep your liver healthy.
  • Green Tea – Green tea helps in combating liver disease by fighting against oxidative stress and bringing down overall fat content.

Foods to Avoid

  • Sugar – Sweet items such as candy, baked foods and other sugar added food should be avoided because it can add risk to liver damage.
  • Salt – Salt should be added in less quantity while cooking the food. Salty food such as bacon or canned meat or vegetables should be strictly avoided.
  • Alcohol – Everybody knows how badly alcohol reacts on a person’s liver. So, if a person wants to keep his/ her liver healthy then he/ she should avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Starchy Foods – All starchy food should be avoided. The intake of such food like pizzas, pastas, cakes, breads and other baked items should be reduced as it can harm a person’s liver.
  • Fatty Foods- All street food, junk food and packed snacks, and chips are a strict no-no. These types of junk food can affect a lot on a person’s liver.

To sign off

It is important for a person to take care of the body and its organs such as the liver.  Food is an important part of the process of care routines needed to prevent issues like liver disease. This post covered some of the key foods that one should consume and foods that should be avoided in order to promote overall liver health.

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